February 16, 2012

Film and Photography; My Passion

My name Grishon Onyango. I am  21 years old.  My passion is photography and filmmaking. 
I got my chance when my friend told me about Hot Sun Foundation. My mom told me to come, but I didn't know how to get here.  I tried three times and finallyfound it and joined Kibera Film School.
I am just feeling happy about myself.  I go from step to step.  I didn't know how to edit and now I do.  I keep learning.
I made a short video for the project "Operation Smile" that helps children with cleft palates and other problems.  I am proud that my skills can help others.  Now I have some experience. I am a filmmaker.
Hot Sun Foundation is a platform to achieve want you want to do in life.
Message to our supporters:
I just want to thank you for being kind and generous. 
I hope you will continue helping and you will be blessed.

Sincere thanks from all of us at Hot Sun Foundation!

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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