February 24, 2012

Faith’s story: success as a young woman in filmmaking

Are you a young woman living in East Africa?   Do you know any women in filmmaking? Have you ever thought of becoming a filmmaker?

Hot Sun Foundation invited young women to meet a successful young Kenyan woman film editor, Faith Wavinya Mumo, age 25. 

How did Faith succeed in the filmmaking industry where there are very few successful women?  

Faith Wavinya, a Kibera Film School Graduate shares her success story in the filmmaking industry.

Faith started as a trainee in digital editing with the Hot Sun Films feature film production Togetherness Supreme in 2009.  Every single day, rain or shine, Faith was on the set, capturing downloads from the Red One camera.  Working with a technology new to Kenya, Faith demonstrated her enormous capacity for learning and perseverance. 

Ingredients of Faith's Success:
1.     1 Passion
2.     2 Patience
3.     3 Ambitious but humble
4.     4 Eager to learn
5.     5 Perseverance

For young women like Faith who have the passion and perseverance, Kibera Film School offers the choice to prepare themselves to enter the film industry. 

Young women brainstorm on ways to encourage women to apply to Kibera Film School.
 Hot Sun Foundation is committed to encouraging young women to join the Kibera Film School.  Deadline 29th February.  Applications at info@hotsunfoundation.org

If you know other successful young women in the filmmaking industry in East Africa, please share their stories with us here or on facebook- kiberafilmschool or on twitter @slumfilmschool

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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