July 20, 2011

All in The Spirit Of Team Building At Kibera Film School

There are few jobs that don't require us to interact with colleagues in a team. But in this field it is essential. For the most part, we need to work cohesively with others to achieve the organizational and institutional goals. But how many of us can claim to be good teammates?

This was one of a kind team bulding meeting at hotsun foundation and Kibera film school chaired by Mercy Murugi the hotsun foundation trustee and the managing director of Kibera Film school.

The moment of searching for common purpose and direction.

A moment to create shared value and beliefs to achieve our mission.

A moment to lead by example and show leadership,appropriate structures and style. A leader leads and that was the spirit.

 A moment for inner reflections and deep understanding for some of us. Understanding people and their phychological make up is a fundamental factor in contributing to a harmomious and productive team environment.

Strong teams develope machanisms that allow feedback to both be given without fear and be recieved
within the true same spirit in which it was intended. This helped create self awareness.

Good leaders understand the importance of maintaining high performance, morale and motivation in teams and they create conditions where performance, creativity,innovation flourish.

Such meetings that are held every once in a while keep us going. High performance teams often manage communications in many ways. Hail Hotsun Foundation! I wonder when the next session is going to be?  But will for sure keep you updated.

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