January 30, 2014

The Black Butterfly Effect.

Words of Dorothy Kang’ethe
Just how influential can a stranger be on a persons life with a single encounter. For me it’s just about how much you are ready to listen and learn. The chance to be at Hot Sun Foundation presents many opportunities to learn if you know where to look and break your walls down. That’s not always easy, but totally worth it especially with Tazim. She’s a hybrid between a life coach and a real woman who’s been through hell and back, here to attest that’s it’s not the definition of life.

Tazim in KFS #MotivationTalk session
Given the fact that the day’s session was a 1st for the new trainees at  Kibera Film school trainees the session was pretty mellow. Despite being together for over a month trainees got to delve deeper into each other’s personalities with Tazim as a guide.  My first time was similar to this but what I learnt, but in each session there is need to be honest with yourself then everything else will fall in place.

However what I can say is that a seed was planted to be a better version of ourselves after hearing Tarzim’s story and how she is constantly working on herself. So with two sessions under my belt I have felt the ‘black butterfly effect’ from Tazim Elkington’s wisdom and guidance.

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Group Pose with Trainees and staff

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