August 12, 2013


By Kaberia Kibuthania

Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.....Andre Maurois

For a first time as an event planner,  it is a bit hectic planning something meaningful. It takes time and dedication. Having put the Alumni day on a Sunday, it would be a bit hectic getting people together especially the fact that I had only a few days to prepare and contact all the Kibera Film School Alumni.

As the day started, it was a bit chilly and it persisted throughout the day. The organizing team got everything ready for the visitors- KFS alumni- who would be streaming in from 2 pm. The sign in sheets were ready, bitings were in plenty and music played to set the mood and at 2.30 pm the first alumni came in for the event. There was a continuous flow of visitors up till 3.30 pm when the program started.

The MC for the day, Roy Okello did a splendid job keeping everyone alert and the session interactive. First there was the ‘know what class so and so was in’, then there were various speakers from every class. These sessions were to the benefit of the current class. They were challenged on various aspects of film and networking.

“The film industry is all about who you know and how good you can prove you are”  Victor Oluoch- 1st KFS class

Victor Oluoch

“You would rather drop a camera and in future every film maker will know that you are a camera person, than take a bad shot” Vincent Oduor- 3rd KFS class

These were sentiments shared by various alumni who stepped up to share some of their experiences during and after KFS. As the day went on plenty was said but what was clear is that all these alumni expressed passion as what drove them.
As a current KFS trainee, what have you achieved so far? Where are you headed and do you have the passion to drive you in your film career ahead?


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