February 20, 2013

Another Filming 'Tool' From Cully Gallagher.

Wow! Wow!
An awesome 'tool' from Independent video producer Cully Gallagher cullygallagher.com/ from USA who is currently in Kenya to make a documentary about urban immigration dropped by Kibera Film School and surprised us with this video camera Sony DSLR -PD 170. 

How did you know about us?

On the internet you are famous!

Why donate to Kibera Film School?

Inorder to learn video production, you need hands-on experience. I am happy to share this tool so that the next generation of filmmakers in Kibera will be the best in Kenya.

The 'tool' Sony DSLR-PD 170

Cully Gallagher with trainees

Cully Gallagher in class


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