August 17, 2012

Kibera Film School's "The Inlaws" Wins Best Short Drama 2nd Annual Slum Film Festival.

Elated, humbled, happy was how I reacted when I heard that “The Inlaws” had won the best short drama at the 2nd annual
Trophy of the winning Short Drama "The Inlaws"

At first I was skeptical since it didn’t feature among those that were sreened in Mathare mabatini grounds and Kibera at Kamukunji grounds.
I kind of gave up on it, and concertrated to write other  scripts that am sure are going to blow peoples minds.

“The Inlaws ” was my  first script I wrote. Its based on a true story, about stigma women face in many African society when their spouses die.

It feels wholesome , like I don’t know…to be called an award winning upcoming filmmaker.
And I can only be greatful to for the training I get each day. It’s a place where you get the  right training, direction, I can honestly say its the best  film school in Kenya and a rising jewel.

I enjoy making films. I have learnt a great deal to be patient for pre-production takes a lot of time.
The most begging question i always ask my self is “How will the audience react? "Wow is pretty scary…but i like criticisms".
At times my scripts are pretty complicated I aspire and wish to shoot them as they are for there is a way I wish to tell my stories.

Joash Mageto, The writer/director/cameraperson for "The Inlaws"

At you get a once in a lifetime chance to learn from the best in the film industry from all over the world like now we are lucky to have Hollywood’s finest writer director Dwayne Johnson-Cochran  coaching us on how to better our screenplays.

Life through film is wholesome.  I wish to be a stroryteller and a better one.

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