June 13, 2012

We Love Filmmaking: 'But We Can Report For TV Too'.

Reporting For TV? 

Oh yes! We do. 

Learning film is one of the best thing we as Kibera Film school students have enjoyed for the last 14 weeks. Strict deadlines for our projects, we finished our first project 'My World'. And now we are submitting them to various film festivals around the world. 

We are working on our second project for KiberaTV kiberatv.blogspot.com/ where we faced different challenges so as to capture the best stories.  

               It takes great skill to tell a compelling story in under 60 seconds....Michael Apted
 We learnt the basic aspect in story telling is not just an idea! But wow how challenging it was to find a unique angle to use in the story idea we chose, pitching was a challenge “ a person would say Okay but don’t film me” What!!

This is what journalist face on a daily basis! We had appointments with our interviewees alas they didn’t turn up on time and we had to call them. All in all with determination we came up with creative news stories.

Despite all these we are proud of Kibera Film School...and more is still to come

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