January 28, 2010

Looking for a jury / judges

Its been 6 months of intense work, and now the students are about to graduate.

There will be a graduation ceremony in March (invitations later) for now, I am looking for a jury , much like in film festivals to watch the students final projects and select the best 3. There are 9 students, each with 2 projects, making it a total of 18 films.

The are currently working on these projects and will be done by 2nd week of February. You will have a watch at the films then submit your evaluation. I will provide an evaluation form.

For those looking for interns, it will be a good opportunity to scout for talent in a place where talent is not well cultivated.

If you  are interested in serving on the jury, please email me: mercy@hotsunfilms.com

Prepare to be mesmerized!

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